Christening Cake smash!

We have been offering cake smashes for about 4 years and thought it would be one of those crazes that disappears…. but it seems to be more popular than ever!

Traditionally, most smashes have been birthdays but now people are finding any excuse to let their little ones get messy with cake ūüėÄ …. nursery graduation, new home, gender reveal cake, Christenings and more.

We are really excited to be working with Cake Creations, one of our lovely neighbours on Wesley Street, Southport.¬† Meg and her team create amazing cakes, that not only look fantastic… they taste delicious too….Proof is in the pudding as they say (yum!)

christening cake smash 004_01

Me testing the goods.

Meg was thrilled to make a Christening cake for a very special, cake smash photoshoot involving a very cute baby called Felicity and her best friend, Alfie the Jack Russell!

The beautiful cake was delivered and the studio was ready…¬†We wanted to¬†add to¬†the Christening element of the photoshoot so we used a silver trinket and tied up some shoes in the background. We wanted a hint of colour so used vintage style bunting which goes beautifully with the soft pink cake and white cross.

christening cake smash 009

Soft butter cream is best for smashing as it gets super messy.

The real Christening dress is being fashioned from¬†Grandma’s wedding dress¬†and as the Christening is in a few weeks, we didn’t want to risk ruining it. Instead we opted for a cute ivory tutu. The tutu also ties in nicely with the newborn session we did for Felicity..

jen berrett 091_#1

Felicity’s mummy is a good friend of mine and she owns babyballet in Southport, Formby and Crosby so the dance/tutu theme is obligatory!

Felicity was in good form and we couldn’t wait to see her reaction when the cake was placed in front of her…. We can safely say, she was very pleased!

christening cake smash 037

That face!

christening cake smash 059_01

Am I really allowed to do this?…

christening cake smash 085.jpg

Well…. if no one is going to stop me….

christening cake smash 009.jpg

You didn’t want me to save you any, did you?

christening cake smash 102.jpg

Ok Alfie… I suppose we can share!

After a thoroughly fun and messy cake smash, it was time for a nice soothing bubble bath for Felicity. We prepared the warm water in our vintage tub and let the splashing commence! (Actually, Felicity was more like a princess and there wasn’t much splashing but she was delighted to see the bubbles… )

christening cake smash 116

Could this day get any better?

christening cake smash 114

Look at those peggies!

christening cake smash 126

christening cake smash 134

Bye Bye bubbles….

Once Felicity was nice and clean, it was time for snuggles in a the fluffy white towel. We wanted to carry the Christening theme right through so included lacey whites, ivory and silver.

christening cake smash 159

christening cake smash 172

All clean!

christening cake smash 177

Who’s that cute baby? (says Felicity looking at her reflection)

So to round up, it was a very busy morning! We wanted to show that cake smashes are for any celebration and we are always open to suggestions! Meg from Cake creations is kindly offering discounts¬†to our customers on their cakes plus an exclusive offer for the “Smash Cakes”. Cakes are tailored to suit each individual just like our photoshoots so feel free to get in touch and discuss what you need. We look forward to hearing from you!

Enquire/Book here


So how do you take the stress and mess out of a cake smash photoshoot?…. well, we are very¬†excited to add a new twist to our cake smash photography in our Southport studio….. We like to call it Smash and Splash! It’s a cake smash followed by a lovely jubbly bubble bath!

We have been planning this for a while but you know how it is (especially when you have kids, a house, cats/dogs and a business to run) things get put on hold…. Well finally, one of my new years resolutions can finally be ticked off! (I’m as amazed as you are :D)

Our first little model was this cutie pie, Sonny.  sonny-smash-and-splash-logo-043

Mum, was a bit apprehensive as of course, with all children, you never know how they are going to perform, what to bring? what to wear? all of these questions we could answer and put mum at ease.

Once¬†mum felt more prepared she couldn’t wait to capture a magical milestone and let¬†her baby get really messy with a yummy cake then leave us to take out the stress and clean up with a bubble bath and fluffy towel, allowing us to captures some more cute pictures.

The Photoshoot

On the day,  mum and Sonny arrived at our family friendly, photography studio in Wesley Street, Southport.  thank fully for mum, Sonny was in a fantastic mood! (he must have known about the cake) The photoshoot lasted around an hour and we had a full, tired, giggly little one and a happy mum. Mum was especially excited that we would be sending a picture to the Southport Visiter Newspaper, as part of our famous Birthday Club!

spring 002.jpg

Mum said she would be recommending the experience to her¬† friends, which of course means the world to us ūüôā

If you fancy trying out a cake smash photoshoot, they are becoming more and more popular, especially for 1st birthday, 2nd birthday and even 3rd birthdays, however we will accommodate any age (0-12 years for the birthday club Р0-3 years for the splash bit! )

We are an established photography studio in Southport town centre, with a large and spacious studio space¬†plus a separate¬†reception area in which we have had many a natter and brew¬† helping you choose your pictures. We like to see ourselves as a home from home and are very down to earth… we want you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Your session is tailored to suit you, and we work very hard to make it ¬†personal and memorable. ¬† For ¬£30,¬†it would include the¬†time for cake smash photographs (bring your own cake) and then a lovely warm bubble bath.¬†¬†You can choose a 10×8 from the session, ¬†a goodie bag with some surprises from our friends at Fab Party Bags , a picture in the¬†Visiter¬†… PLUS the chance to buy one of our fantastic photography packages.

Register for the birthday club and we will be in touch to book your fun photography session.  The birthday club runs from 0-12years. Birthday Club